The Netherlands: Wetsus is expanding to European water hub

The official opening of the new Wetsus building. Picture: Twitter.

A new building, the arrival of the European Water Stewardship, the launch of a European talent hub and the organisation of the third European Innovation Partnership conference in 2016 illustrates the international importance of water institute Wetsus in Leeuwarden.

Recently Wetsus opened a new buiding and launched a European talent hub. The European Commission is supporting a Wetsus research programme with a grant of 3.3 million euros to gather excellent, international researchers to cooperate in water technology research programmes. This initiative will strengthen the position of Wetsus as the European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology.

The researchers will work together with about a hundred water technology companies to boost innovation. Wetsus introduced a special programme to attract international water talent. PhD jobs can be found at the new website The amount of PhD's working in Leeuwarden will grow to a total amount of 70 in 2016.