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Belgium: Government wants to use drones against illegal irrigation

Drones should be able to control illegal water abstraction. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

West-Flanders governor Carl Decaluwé in Belgium wants to introduce drones in times of water scarcity. The drones should prevent illegal abstraction of water. During the extreme drought in 2018 many farmers neglected the ban on irrigation and the governor thinks drones could help to locate thiefs. “During the summer...

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ECDC-Report: Increase of Legionellosis in Europe

The rate of reported cases of Legionellosis was the highest in Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy and Slovenia. Source: ECDC.

In the year 2017 the number of Europeans affected by the legionella bacteria increased with 30 per cent compared to 2016. The overall notification rate increased from 1.4 to 1.8 on a...
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EU Court condemns Germany for groundwater pollution

German groundwater is polluted due to the excessive use of manure. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Germany has breached EU law by exceeding the limits of nitrate in groundwater. Germany cannot comply to the EU’s Nitrates Directive because of excessive use of manure as a fertiliser. On the 21st of June the European Court ruled that...
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