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BASF to sell ultrafiltration membrane business to DuPont

The nanoscale membranes of inge GMBH have an extremely small pore size. Source: inge GMBH.

The European company BASF ­­­­signed an agreement to sell its ultrafiltration membrane business to DuPont in America. The deal includes the shares of inge GmbH, its international sales force, its headquarters and...

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WssTP continues under Water Europe

The new name and logo were revealed the 12th of June with a special Name Change Choreography. Photo: Water Europe.

The in Brussels based platform for water innovation WssTP (Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform) has changed its name to Water Europe. The new name was announced during the Water Innovation...

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Swedish Water Association urges phasing out sportswear treated with silver

After washing sportswear treated with silver, the biocide ends op in the water cycle. Photo: Twitter.

Sportswear is treated with antibacterial silver in order to reduce odours. Because wastewater treatment plants are not able to treat this biocide, after washing the toxic silver ends up polluting lakes and seas. The Swedish Water and Wastewater...
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