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EEA: New challenges require extra investments WWTP’s

Investments are needed in traditional Waste Water Treatment Plants to face future challenges. Photo: Water News Europe.

‘More investment is needed to make urban Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP’s) fit to meet the difficult challenges posed by the impacts of climate change and the presence of antibiotics...

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Swedish research: Disinfection of drinking water produces toxic by-products

Water company Berggården in Linköping treats river water with UV. Photo: Tekniska Verken.

Disinfection of drinking water can produce toxic and carcinogenic by-products. Unknown or non-monitored disinfection by-products can cause large health risks. With new analytical methods many more by-products can be identified and surveyed in order...

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Ambitious project will provide Malta with improved water services

An existing building will be turned into the new RO plant in Hondoq ir-Rummien. Photo: Water Services Corporation.

Private company Water Services Corporation in Malta starts with a water project of 130 million euro to improve Malta’s water services. The European Union invests 73 million euro of...

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Wastewater in South Europe contains more resistant bacteria than in North Europe

Wastewater Treatment Plants in South Europe receive more wastewater with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. (Photo: Water News Europe).

Southern Europeans use more antibiotics and they tend to carry a higher number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria than people in northern Europe. According to a recent international study in seven European countries the use...

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