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Monitoring spread of coronavirus through waste water

In the Netherlands genetic material of the coronavirus has been found in three Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP’s). Research institutes KWR and RIVM are investigating the presence of the virus in sewage to monitor the spread of the virus in a specific area. The coronavirus can be found in faeces of infected persons,...

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Spanish institute charts levels of trihalomethanes in drinking water

The average concentration of trihalomethanes per country. Source: IS Global.

New research analyses the presence of trihalomethanes in tap water in 26 European countries. Trihalomethanes are formed unintendedly as a by-product when chlorine is used to disinfect drinking water. According to the large-scale study led by the...

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Poland: Pilot recovers salt and clean water from coal mine wastewater

Different technologies are used to clean wastewater of a coal mine in Poland. Photo: Adriaan van Hooijdonk.

The first results of a combination of nanofiltration, reverse-osmosis, and electro dialysis technology used in a ZERO BRINE pilot plant at the Bolesław Śmiały coal mine in Poland to clean saline wastewater from the...

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