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ZERO BRINE-project constructs demo plant in the Netherlands

RO-installation of Evides in their demiwater plant in the Botlek. Photo: Evides. The European ZERO BRINE project starts in January 2019 with a pilot plant on the industrial demo location ‘Plant One’ in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The objective is reducing industrial saline wastewater by recovering minerals and clean water for reuse. The ZERO BRINE-project, financed...
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EEA-report: Improvement European waters comes to a standstill

Only 40% of Europe’s lakes, rivers, estuaries and coastal waters comply to a minimum ‘good’ or ‘high’ ecological status in 2010-2015. A vast majority of Europe’s water bodies still fails to meet the European Union’s objectives of the Water Framework Directive. This shows a new European Environment Agency ‘state of water’ report published the 3rd...
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NextGen creates ten ‘circular’ demo sites in eight Member States

Beer Brewery De Koningshoeven in Tilburg will realise a futuristic water treatment plant. Imaage: Koningshoeven

Water technology of the Next Generation has to contribute to the circular economy. The keywords are water efficiency, water reuse, energy neutral and nutrient mining. The new EU project receives funding from Horizon 2020 and starts in...
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