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Irish referendum must safeguard public water services

During a day of national protest against privatisation in September 2016 red flags were raised in Dublin city. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Irish government will hold a referendum on adding an amendment to the constitution that ensures state control over water services. The referendum was approved by the cabinet Tuesday 20 November and will...
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EU puts pressure on Ireland to introduce water charges

Ireland adopted its river basin management plans in July 2010. “There is no record of a decision in those plans not to apply the provisions of Article 9(1). On the contrary, in the said plans, Ireland made a clear commitment to set up water charges to comply with the provisions of Article 9”, said Vella.

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Irish protests against water charges remain strong

In Ireland protests against water charges are still massive. During the last weeks thousands of Irish citizens went again onto the streets to demonstrate. Tomorrow the first water bills will be sent by Irish Water, while protesters keep stating they won’t pay. The next national demonstration is planned on the 18th of April.

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