EU puts pressure on Ireland to introduce water charges

Irish protests against water charges remain strong. Photo: Twitter

Ireland adopted its river basin management plans in July 2010. “There is no record of a decision in those plans not to apply the provisions of Article 9(1). On the contrary, in the said plans, Ireland made a clear commitment to set up water charges to comply with the provisions of Article 9”, said Vella.

Political dilemma
Irish Housing Minister Simon Coveney insists that Ireland remains committed to water charges, despite the current suspension and asks the EU for time and space to solving the political dilemma regarding water charges. In December 2012 Ireland was fined €12,000 every day for failing to comply with an EU waste water directive.

Water charges suspended
According to the Irish drinking water company the amount people paying their water bills has almost halved the last months. Irish Water said households paid €18.3m for drinking supplies and waste water treatment during January to March as new bills were sent out in April and May when the new government suspended water charges for nine months.