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Tourists in Europe are swimming in raw sewage despite ‘Blue Flags’

Due to summer peaks, illegal discharges and bad functioning wastewater treatment plants (WWTP’s) tourists on several European coasts are swimming in raw sewage. Brown foam, bandages, condoms and toilet paper are washing upon the shores in different European Member States, causing health risks for holiday makers.

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Austria approves investment of 46 million euros in national water projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant Rossau in Innsbruck. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Austrian government is prepared to invest approximately 46 million euros in drinking water projects, expansion of wastewater treatment plants and flood protection. The investment of the government is meant to provoke a total investment of 200 million euros. This was announced by...
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Marseille: New underground water basin protects Calanques National Park

A retention basin with a storage capacity of 50.000 m3 improves Marseilles wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) by enabling it to treat wastewater and storm water during periods of heavy rainfall. As a result of this new basin less untreated wastewater will threaten the Calanques National Park. The new retention basin is one of the SUEZ projects being showed to the international press on the eve of World Ocean Day.

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