Austria approves investment of 46 million euros in national water projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant Rossau in Innsbruck. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Austrian government is prepared to invest approximately 46 million euros in drinking water projects, expansion of wastewater treatment plants and flood protection. The investment of the government is meant to provoke a total investment of 200 million euros. This was announced by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) on Monday the 26th of June in Vienna.

The incentive of the Austrian government should lead to the implementation of 588 projects. About 504 projects (26,6 million euros) are meant for drinking water and waste water treatment. This budget also includes the construction of a drinking water pipeline between the villages of Mellau, Schnepfau and Reuthe.

Flood protection
According to the Austrian government about 84 flood protection projects can be implemented. In Waldegg the construction of flood protection facilities will protect 67 houses as well as the Waldegg station from flooding. And in Unterwart in Burgenland a new water retention basin from 490.000 m³ should protect citizens from flooding.