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Romania: Europe supports waterworks in two regions

Public water company Aries will manage the project in Cluj and Salaj. Photo: Aries Apa. 

Improving the water and wastewater infrastructure in 189 localities in Romania. In the counties of Cluj and Salaj European will invest 355 million euro. The work will start this spring and will be completed in 2023, reports the Read more

EEA: New challenges require extra investments WWTP’s

Investments are needed in traditional Waste Water Treatment Plants to face future challenges. Photo: Water News Europe.

‘More investment is needed to make urban Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP’s) fit to meet the difficult challenges posed by the impacts of climate change and the presence of antibiotics...

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European Court fines Spain for lack of Waste Water Treatment

In 43 agglomerations in Spain waste water is discharged into the sea without treatment. Photo: Water News Europe. Spain has to pay a lump sum of 12 million euro and a penalty payment of almost 11 million euro for every six-months they do not comply to the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. This decision was made...
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PRESS RELEASE: Are we higher at risk for Legionellosis due to climate change?

After three consecutive years of record-high temperatures on Earth; the year 2018 might become the hottest year on record with sweltering temperatures and warm heavy rain showers. This made us think about environmental influences on the Legionella bacteria and how our changing climate may affect an increased risk for Legionellosis. - by Milou de Jong...
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