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Swedish Water Association urges phasing out sportswear treated with silver

After washing sportswear treated with silver, the biocide ends op in the water cycle. Photo: Twitter.

Sportswear is treated with antibacterial silver in order to reduce odours. Because wastewater treatment plants are not able to treat this biocide, after washing the toxic silver ends up polluting lakes and seas. The Swedish Water and Wastewater...
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Germany: Wasser Berlin disappears

The bi-annual trade fair Wasser Berlin ceases to exist. Due to a lack of exhibitors the organisation is forced to skip the event in 2019 and will most likely not come back in the future. “Germany is too small for two big exhibitions and many companies choose to go to IFAT in Munchen, so unfortunately...
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Poland invests billions in international waterways

The harbour of Gdansk is rapidly growing and is giving a boost to international shipping. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Connecting the Baltic Sea with the Black sea will be a major achievement for international shipping. In order to improve European water connections Poland is investing in the navigability of many Polish rivers. This summer the Port of...
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Leeuwarden: Stepping stone for European water tech companies

The WaterCampus in Leeuwarden is fit for connecting water business worldwide. Photo: Water Alliance. Selling innovative water tech products worldwide is easier said than done. It requires research, testing facilities, knowledge of local markets, contacts and much more. Water Alliance in the Netherlands supports small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in Europe to go globally. A...
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