Invest your time in quarantine in education

Due to the coronavirus lots of water professionals stay at home in quarantine. Many projects are on hold so maybe there is time left to invest in education. Many universities and research institutes are offering online educational programmes. This might be the perfect time to improve your skills or explore new and challenging work fields.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) provides online courses for free. A typical MOOC lasts six to eight weeks. You can choose for many different universities worldwide. Most courses are available in English, but you will also find courses in many other languages.

Network and certificate

Apart from free courses you can pay a fee for courses from well-known universities. The amount of money you invest can vary from fifty euros to a few thousand euros. You can register for these courses and expand your network from your own home. Many of these programmes are helping students to interact with each other and meet other water professionals. After the course you will receive a certificate.

List of online water courses

Links to  a few international institutes that provide online water courses.

University of Delft, Netherlands

Deltares, Netherlands

University of Geneva, Switzerland

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands

International Water Centre, Australia