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Zero Brine: Kick-off innovative brine treatment in Port of Rotterdam

The Zero Brine installation at Plant One in Rotterdam. Photo: Revolve.

At the demineralized water plant of water company Evides the European partners of ZERO BRINE have started treating industrial wastewater according a circular model. The new brine treatment process is designed to recover all resources. On the...

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ZERO BRINE-project constructs demo plant in the Netherlands

RO-installation of Evides in their demiwater plant in the Botlek. Photo: Evides. The European ZERO BRINE project starts in January 2019 with a pilot plant on the industrial demo location ‘Plant One’ in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The objective is reducing industrial saline wastewater by recovering minerals and clean water for reuse. The ZERO BRINE-project, financed...
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