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European Water Alliance pressures ‘polluters pays principle’

The EU Water Alliance, an informal coalition of over 500 organisations, has addressed their key messages to the new European Commissioners. Water Alliance states: “Water should be a vital and cross‐cutting theme in research and innovation policies and financing instruments." Moreover the European Innovation Partnership on Water should be supported as it is considered as...
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Water Alliance asks Juncker to prioritise water

BRUSSELS - Water Alliance, the key European water-related umbrella organisations, is asking the Juncker Commission to prioritise water during the next 5 years due to its importance for EU’s economy, environment and quality of life of the European citizens.

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European elections: Which water issues are relevant?

From the 22 th to the 25th of May all the European Member States will be voting for a new European Parliament (EP). Which are the most relevant water issues the new parliamentarians will be facing? And what different, political approaches are there to tackle these issues? Water News Europe offers you an overview.

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