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EC simplifies environmental assessments

BRUSSELS - A simplification of European legislation for permits or assessments on the potential effects on the environment has taken into force on May 16. The newly amended Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive will offer better protection for the environment while reducing administrative burdens from EU law. The EIA should enable the member states to act more actively on environmental issues.

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Europe is aiming to install meters in all member states

The European Commission is aiming at introducing cost-effective pricing of water in all European Member States but hasn’t yet the legal possibility to do so. According to the Water Framework Directive (WFD, Article 9) the pricing of water is still the responsibility of individual member states. Is new legislation really necessary and what should it...
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Right2Water: EC ignores outcome referendum

BRUSSELS - “I regret that there is no proposal from the EC for legislation recognising the human right to water”, says Jan Willem Goudriaan, vice-president of the European Citizen Initiative (ECI) Right2Water. Right2water is not satisfied with the reaction of the European Committee on the results of the referendum that was held on this topic. “It lacks any real ambition to respond appropriately to the expectations of 1.9 million people.”

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