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EEA: European seas remain contaminated

The insecticide DDT is still contaminates the Mediterranean Sea. Photo: Water News Europe.

European seas continue to be contaminated with synthetic substances, pesticides and heavy metals. Between 75% and 96% of Europe’s regional seas have a contamination problem, states the European Environment Agency (EEA) in a new...

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Tourists in Europe are swimming in raw sewage despite ‘Blue Flags’

Due to summer peaks, illegal discharges and bad functioning wastewater treatment plants (WWTP’s) tourists on several European coasts are swimming in raw sewage. Brown foam, bandages, condoms and toilet paper are washing upon the shores in different European Member States, causing health risks for holiday makers.

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LIFE-report: Poor quality coastal waters in the EU

The status of the water quality in the North Sea is considered poor. Picture: Water News Europe

The quality of coastal waters is still poor in many coastal areas in Europe, particularly in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and North Sea. Moreover EU Member States report that only 13% of coastal species are...
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