Spain: Water reservoirs recovered after abundant rain

This graphic shows the capacity of the water reservoirs in Spain. Picture: 

Only a few months ago Spain was heading towards a serious water crisis. In the beginning of March the water reservoirs were nearly empty and Spain feared for a Cape Town scenario. Fortunately abundant snow and rain saved the Iberian island from a lack of water. In June the national water reservoirs are filled for 73 per cent and that is even more than they were the last ten years.

The precarious situation obliged the Spanish Government to take some difficult decisions. For example transporting water from the Tagus river basin to the Segura river basin. During three months 60 cubic hectometers were transported from Entrepeñas-Buendía to Segura. Farmers had to pay 3,5 million euros for the new transfer pipes. Some water reservoirs are now even at a 100 per cent and have to let water flow into the sea.


Water politics
Thanks to the recent water stress politicians realise connecting water reservoirs and saving ground water can be vital. Earlier this year the unproductiveness of desalination plants was in the news.