H2O People: Online Summer Programme 2020 for water sector organizations

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Dealing with cruel reality: from theory to practice | Agility in the Water Sector. 

With today the 1st year anniversary of our young professional leadership programme the European Junior Water Programme we are therefore happy to announce the launch of very special Human Development Programme for all professionals in the water sector: The Online Summer Programme 2020 for water sector organizations. Dealing with cruel reality: from theory to practice. Agility in the Water Sector.

The COVID Pandemic is a magnifying glass of the trouble we are already in for a long time. We do not need the projects of yesterday. We need the projects of tomorrow. We need sustainable and resilient projects.

And those are only possible when we use an integrated, inclusive and sustainable approach. Not only trusting on technical innovation, but creating a systemic approach that connects all forms of innovation; technical and social, to become and stay in the future. We need a human based approach.

The water sector is not just looking for someone with just experience. You also needs the skills to bring different approaches to one problem. With the future of constant change; resilience and agility become viable skills for the future.

Learn to take a cross-disciplinary approaches to projects. To communicate in an environment thar requires participation in many modes of communication. To make real connection and set up new collaborations outside our bubbles.

To reach this all, we created a fun and powerful Summer Programme especially for water professionals in a complete online learning environment.

  • Which provides you with a personal development programme to become even more ready for the future and take the lead. This means that afterwards you know how you deal and can act in times of uncertainty.
  • A great network of likeminded professionals with a passion to create a water smart society. This creates an added value for future projects.
  • You are not only learning in theory, but also learn to put in practice and solve a real complex challenge of the water sector. Creating direct added value and new knowledge.
  • Empower yourself and your organization to take a leading position and become a valuable colleague and have more fun in work.

Managers Bonus Programme
It is not only on an individual level we need to reinvent ourselves. In this time of transition and constant change, also our organization and support to our people needs to be re evaluated. Therefore the programme also offers an extra Bonus programme for managers on how to guide your people in this constant changing environment.

Submitting Complex Challenges
Do you often think, “this is an issue that really matters, but who is responsible? We see the problems coming? But the old solutions will not fit? Problems that cross many boundaries or existing systems?” Context which you would like to contribute to the programme and find a completely new solution together? You can also still submit your complex challenge to the programme.

Meet our Summer Programme 2020


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