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Irish referendum must safeguard public water services

During a day of national protest against privatisation in September 2016 red flags were raised in Dublin city. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Irish government will hold a referendum on adding an amendment to the constitution that ensures state control over water services. The referendum was approved by the cabinet Tuesday 20 November and will...
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Irish protests against ‘paid water’ turn grim

IRELAND – Last week more than 100.000 Irish citizens protested all over the country against ‘paid water’. The national water company Irish Water started in 2014 with installing water meters and the day that Irish people will get their first water bill is getting close. According to the Irish protesters ‘Water is human Right’ and they are not prepared to pay for it.

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Ireland: Protests against national water company Irish Water

DUBLIN - The national water company Irish Water officially started the 1st of January 2014 and yet is the subject to national agitation. The company has spent more than 50 million Euros to consultancy fees. Representatives of Irish Water have to explain these expenses to a public commission this week. In the mean time in the streets of Dublin citizens are protesting against the installation of water meters.

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Right2Water: EC ignores outcome referendum

BRUSSELS - “I regret that there is no proposal from the EC for legislation recognising the human right to water”, says Jan Willem Goudriaan, vice-president of the European Citizen Initiative (ECI) Right2Water. Right2water is not satisfied with the reaction of the European Committee on the results of the referendum that was held on this topic. “It lacks any real ambition to respond appropriately to the expectations of 1.9 million people.”

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