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St. Petersburg: Poo by the sea?

Illustration: The route of the GPS-trackers that were put into toilets of Nova Devatkino Eco-activists in the St. Petersburg suburban town Novo Devatkino claim that local faeces, flushed down by toilets, turn up untreated in surface waters. The civilians, who are paying for waste water treatment, carried out an experiment by using GPS-trackers. Their sensors tracked...
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Plastic bags: Europe is closing the tap

Plastic is ending up in our rivers. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

The European Parliament and Council, decided, despite the wish from the EC, to regulate plastic bag waste in all European member states. The main goal is to cut the use of thin plastic bags by 50% by 2017 (compared to 2010), and at least by 80% by 2019. The new law will apply to lightweight plastic bags that are thinner than 50 microns. This type of bag can easily break apart and cause damage to the (water) environment.

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EC simplifies environmental assessments

BRUSSELS - A simplification of European legislation for permits or assessments on the potential effects on the environment has taken into force on May 16. The newly amended Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive will offer better protection for the environment while reducing administrative burdens from EU law. The EIA should enable the member states to act more actively on environmental issues.

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