France: Suez gets three new wastewater contracts

BANGALORE - Water is a central concern of the Government of India, which in 2013 launched the second phase of the JnNURM programme to develop key infrastructure essential for access to water and wastewater. With water consumption in India expected to double by 2050, there is a strong focus to treat the wastewater and protect rivers and aquifers, the primary source of drinking water for millions of people.

Faced with high levels of urbanisation and significant water supply problems, the authorities are relying on Suez Environnement’s expertise and have engaged the company via three new contracts covering the entire water cycle. In Mumbai, one project is to improve water distribution services for 12.5 million people. A second, in Pune, is to build and operate a drinking water plant for 2.5 million residents. Two new wastewater treatment plants are due to open in Bangalore.