Opening of the Nomination Period for the IDRA Water Positive Achievement Award

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In acknowledgment of a profound commitment to sustainable water practices, the IDRA Water Positive Achievement Award seeks to honor the corporate water user, utility, or multilateral agency that has demonstrated outstanding efforts in significantly reducing its water footprint and exemplifying a pioneering approach towards being Water Positive through their water stewardship endeavors.

The IDRA Water Positive Achievement Award celebrates those who serve as trailblazers in sustainable water management, inspiring others within their industry and beyond. This award highlights businesses’ pivotal role in achieving water positive operations, contributing to water and environmental stewardship and global water security.


This award celebrates a corporate water user, utility, or multilateral agency that excels in the following areas.

Water Conservation Initiatives: Demonstrating innovative and effective strategies to conserve water resources within their operations.

Efficient Water Utilization: Implementing practices and technologies that optimize water use, reduce wastage, and enhance overall water efficiency.

Community Engagement: Community outreach programs that contribute to local water conservation efforts and raise awareness about sustainable water management.

Holistic Water Management: Adopting a comprehensive approach to water management that addresses water quality, ecosystem impact, and the overall environmental sustainability of water-related practices.


The award will be presented at the IDRA World Congress 2024 in Abu Dhabi, graciously hosted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, during the Gala dinner awards ceremony to recognize the recipient as a leader in sustainable water management practices. This accolade is a commendation of achievements and an inspiration for other companies to follow suit, contributing to the IDRA movement advocating for water and environmental stewardship and water positive operations.

IDRA is proud to honor those dedicated to reducing their water footprint. This award emphasizes the crucial role of such entities in shaping a world where water resources are managed responsibly for the benefit of communities and the environment.

Nomination Process

Nominations are exclusively open to active IDRA members. It’s important to note that IDRA membership is not a prerequisite for the entity being nominated. To submit your nominations, kindly forward the required information to on or before the August 15, 2024, deadline.

To facilitate the nomination process, kindly provide the following essential details:

Nominee Information

Specify the award category for the nomination.
Provide the nomination rationale.

Nomination Rationale

A comprehensive description (800 words min.) outlining how the nominee exemplifies the four criteria areas of the award. Please include relevant references to support the nomination. Please send the nomination to by 15 August 2024.

Transparent Oversight Panel for IDRA Awards

The IDRA is commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence is safeguarding our awards program. Our discerning Panel of Judges, is carefully assembled to represent the corporate, academic, and public utility sectors. This esteemed panel plays a crucial role in maintaining a transparent and credible review and ranking process for the prestigious IDRA Awards.

Key Responsibilities

Clear Evaluation Criteria: Establishing and adhering to clear and comprehensive evaluation criteria, ensuring a standardized and transparent assessment process.

Documentation and Accountability: Maintaining thorough documentation of the review and ranking process and decisions to ensure accountability and transparency at every stage.

Open Communication: Facilitating open communication channels within the panel to discuss and address any queries or concerns related to the nominations and judging process.

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