NextGen creates ten ‘circular’ demo sites in eight Member States

Beer Brewery De Koningshoeven in Tilburg will realise a futuristic water treatment plant. Imaage: Koningshoeven

Water technology of the Next Generation has to contribute to the circular economy. The keywords are water efficiency, water reuse, energy neutral and nutrient mining. The new EU project receives funding from Horizon 2020 and starts in July 2018. It is implemented on a large scale and includes ten demonstration sites in eight Member States.

Six of these demonstration sites will show a completely new approach to water supply infrastructures and solutions in urban or rural areas. These full-scale deployments will build capacity, experience and financial models in a further four sites – plus inspire others around Europe and worldwide. Associate partners in the project include organisations from Korea, India and China. The project is lead and coordinated by Dutch water cycle research institute, KWR.

Member States
The demonstration sites are realised in Altenrhein (Switzerland), Braunschweig (Germany) Bucharest (Romania), Costa Brava Region (Spain), Elaionas (Greece), Filton Airfield (United Kingdom), Gotland (Sweden), Tilburg (The Netherlands), Spernal (United Kingdom), Westland Region (The Netherlands). It is remarkable the United Kingdom is participating even though they are about to leave the European Union on the 29th of March 2019.