Excellence in Water Reuse Performance Award Nomination Period Open

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The Excellence in Water Reuse Performance Award is a prestigious accolade designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of a company that has demonstrated unparalleled efficiency, excellence in technology, and best-in-class operations in water reuse. This award honors the commitment to delivering the highest quality plant performance and contributing significantly to advancing sustainable water management practices.


This award is presented to the company that has exemplified efficiency, best-in-class technology, and operations to earn the highest quality plant performance in the following areas:

  1. Operational Efficiency: The winning company will showcase exceptional operational efficiency in the design, construction, and management of water reuse facilities. This includes optimizing resource utilization, minimizing energy consumption, and implementing innovative technologies for process efficiency.
  2. Water Quality Standards: The awarded company will demonstrate a commitment to surpassing regulatory standards for water quality in its reuse projects. This includes consistently achieving high levels of water treatment and ensuring the safety of the reclaimed water for its intended purposes.
  3. Technological Advancements: Consideration will be given to companies that have implemented cutting-edge technologies and innovations in their water reuse processes. This could include advancements in membrane technology, advanced oxidation processes, or other breakthroughs that enhance water treatment efficiency.
  4. Sustainability Practices: The recipient will be recognized for incorporating sustainable practices in its water reuse operations, including the use of renewable energy, responsible waste management, and a commitment to minimizing the overall environmental impact of the water reuse process.
  5. Community Impact: The winning company will have a positive impact on the local community through its water reuse projects. This could include community engagement initiatives, educational programs, and transparent communication about the benefits and safety of reclaimed water.


Presented at the IDRA World Congress 2024 in Abu Dhabi, graciously hosted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy. This award aims to inspire and recognize companies that exemplify the highest standards of efficiency, technology, and operations in water reuse, encouraging the adoption of best practices and driving positive change in sustainable water management.

The IDRA is honored to spotlight a company that exemplifies efficiency and best-in-class technology throughout its operations. 

Nomination Process:

Nominations are exclusively open to active IDRA members. It’s important to note that IDRA membership is not a prerequisite for the entity being nominated. To submit your nominations, kindly forward the required information to awards@idrawater.org on or before the August 31 August 2024, deadline. 

To facilitate the nomination process, kindly provide the following essential details:

Nominee Information:

  • Full name of the nominee.
  • Specify the particular award category for the nomination.

Nomination Rationale:

  • A comprehensive description (800 words min.) outlining how the nominee exemplifies the four criteria areas of the award. 
  • Please include relevant references to support the nomination.  
  • Please send the nomination to awards@idrawater.org by 31 August 2024.

Transparent Oversight Panel for IDRA Industry and Sustainability Awards:

The IDRA Awards’ commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence is safeguarded by our discerning Panel of Judges, carefully assembled to represent the corporate, academic, and public utility sectors. This esteemed panel plays a crucial role in maintaining a transparent and credible review and ranking process for the prestigious IDRA Awards.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Clear Evaluation Criteria:

Establishing and adhering to clear and comprehensive evaluation criteria, ensuring a standardized and transparent assessment process.

  • Documentation and Accountability:

Maintaining thorough documentation of the judging process and decisions to ensure accountability and transparency at every stage.

  • Open Communication:

Facilitating open communication channels within the panel to discuss and address any queries or concerns related to the nominations and judging process.

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