Iulian: “I am passionate about integrated urban wastewater systems”

Lulian Vasiliev is passionate about integrated urban wastewater systems. Photo: EJWP.

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Iulian Vasiliev from Romania is part of the 7th group participating in the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP). He tells more about his academic and research pursuits at the Dunărea de Jos University of Galați. His role as an Assistant Professor in Automation and Electrical Engineering allows him to delve into the complexities of urban wastewater systems, focusing on optimal control strategies to reduce environmental impacts.”

What is your current work position?

“At the moment, I work as an Assistant Professor in the Automation and Electrical Engineering” Department of the Faculty of Automation, Computer Sciences, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering at the Dunărea de Jos University of Galati in Romania.”

Can you describe one of your work days?

“As a teaching assistant, my workdays are typically split between educational responsibilities and research activities. The educational activities include teaching students about applied informatics, data processing and process modelling, and preparing and refining class materials. In addition to teaching, my research plays a significant role in shaping my daily routine. Currently, my primary research interest is in optimal control of integrated urban wastewater systems composed of sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants. More specifically, this involves developing advanced control structures to minimise the environmental impact of such systems, and analysing how applying a control strategy to one of the subsystems affects the performance of the other one.”

What do you consider the most interesting part of your job?

“I find every aspect of my job deeply interesting. Whether it’s guiding students throughout their intellectual journeys or pushing the boundaries of knowledge, I’m passionate about what I’m doing.”

What is a topic that you see as increasingly important in the water sector?

“Emerging pollutants represent a significant concern in the water sector. These pollutants, including pharmaceuticals, personal care products, microplastics or industrial chemicals, are increasingly detected in water bodies worldwide. Despite their low concentrations, they pose a threat to ecosystems and public health, with potential long-term consequences.”

What do you expect from international cooperation?

“I expect to engage in collaborative efforts that address water sector challenges. This involves the development of partnerships to tackle transboundary water issues, promote equitable access to water resources, and enhance resilience to climate change effects.”

Why are you joining EJWP?

“I’m joining EJWP because of the opportunity to engage with professionals in the water sector with diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas and deepen my understanding of water-related challenges.”

What and where did you study?

“I got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in System Engineering at the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați. I’m currently in the final months of my PhD studies, focusing on studying and developing optimal control strategies for Integrated Urban Wastewater Systems. My PhD thesis is jointly conducted by the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.”

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