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Monitoring spread of coronavirus through waste water

In the Netherlands genetic material of the coronavirus has been found in three Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP’s). Research institutes KWR and RIVM are investigating the presence of the virus in sewage to monitor the spread of the virus in a specific area. The coronavirus can be found in faeces of infected persons,...

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Historical Breakthrough at Rhine Ministerial Conference

Rhine Ministers decide in Amsterdam to effectively reduce Micropollutants from Households, Industry and Agriculture

Karlsruhe, 26 February 2020. Micropollutants from municipal wastewater (sewage treatment plants), industry and agriculture are to be effectively contained from now on. This was decided by the responsible ministers of the 8 Rhine riparian states as well...

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Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

A new peer-to-peer platform is helping municipalities and water utilities find reliable innovative solutions to their infrastructure resilience challenges. Isle’s technology consultant Sylvia Schuster explains why managing the effects of climate change requires urban transformation.

European cities need to transform their infrastructure if they are to meet the emerging challenges posed by...

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