Stockholm calls for better water governance

Executive director Torgny Holmgren states re-valuing water is necessary. Photo: SIWI

Fresh water is required to meet nearly all Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). For example food security and economic growth. Last week world leaders and water experts gathered in Stockholm from the 28th of August until the 1st of September for the annual World Water Week. They discussed how to meet the world’s growing water challenges. Good water governance seems to be key.

This year’s theme of the SIWI-water event was ‘Water and Waste: Reduce and reuse’. It is directly related to the SDG number 6, which aims at reducing the amount of untreated waste water with 50 per cent. But in Stockholm the scope of the international meeting was extended to tracking water in all sustainable development goals.

Re-valueing water

An important aspect of good water governance is ‘re-valuing’ water “With increasing scarcity, we must recognize the many values attached to water, be it economic, social, environmental, cultural or religious. I believe that by re-valuing water, we will develop a deeper understanding and respect for this precious resource, and thus be better prepared for more efficient use,” said SIWI’s Executive Director Torgny Holmgren.

Growing pressure
A growing global population is creating a higher demand for fresh water. Climate-driven changes in weather patterns, leading to extended droughts and devastating floods, further exacerbate pressure on our common water resources.

World Water Week is the largest annual meeting for water and development issues, organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). During the week more than 3.200 participants from nearly 133 countries gathered to shape joint solutions to global water challenges.