Hydrosense: Rapid On-site Legionella Testing for Europe

Monitor Your Water System for Levels of Legionella Considered Dangerous by the European Guidelines. 

Last month Hydrosense launched the very first rapid on-site test kit range for levels of Legionella considered dangerous by European regulation. It is the only test in the world that can provide immediate results in only 25 minutes and requires no in-depth training to carry out. The Hydrosense test can tell users if bacteria in their system has surpassed the action levels defined by the EU (1,000 and 10,000 CFU/L). This immediate call to action can subsequently protect facility owners from fines and reputational damage and improve general public health across the EU.

"The release of our new EU Kits is an important step for our European customers and partners. Monitoring systems for Legionella using rapid testing technologies in addition to regulatory lab culture tests is becoming a hugely popular way to manage risk and protect employees, customers and the general public. These kits have been rated by a third-party laboratory to provide a call to action equivalent to the levels required in EU legislation. We continue to see significant demand for faster ways of assessing risk in water systems and Europe is a key market for our solution", said Greg Rankin, CEO, Hydrosense.

The EU Legionella Test Kits Range is designed for those who follow the action levels set by the European Technical Guidelines for the Prevention, Control and Investigation, of Infections Caused by Legionella (2017).

Hydrosense is a pioneer in the rapid testing industry. By applying environmental technology to an industrial setting, Hydrosense specialists have developed a new on-site testing method for detecting deadly Legionella bacteria in water and biofilm.

Smarter Test. Safer Water.

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