Hispanic water sector awarded for water communication

Hispanic water sector awarded for water communication
The Award winners gathered today in Madrid. Pictures: Twitter.

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Today, the hispanic platform for water professionals Iagua, awarded persons, companies and organisations for their online communication on water. The ranking Iagua crowned nominees for having the most social impact in 2014. The prizes were the result of a complex algorythm named Ranking Iagua. The nominees and winners gathered today in the Roca Gallery in Madrid and received their awards.

The best post of the year was written by Jordi Oliveras. His post introduced ten uesful apps on hydrolics for water professionals. In the category best video the award went to Acciona for a short film about the water cycle. The best blog was for Jorge Chamorro a waste water specialist who is writing frequently about this subject on Iagua.

Water News Europe is presenting the full list of nominees and winners.

1. Best Entity

Nominees: Acciona Agua (1), Aqualogy (2) , El agua fuente de vida 2005-2015 (3), FCC Aqualia (4), Magrama (5).

Winner: Aqualogy

2. Best Company

Nominees: Acciona Agua (1), Aguas de Valencia (2), Aqualogy (3), FCC Aqualia (4), Tedagua (5).

Winner: Aqualogy

3. Best national public government

Nominees: Ana Peru (1), Conagua (2), Magrama (3), Minambiente (4), Senagua (5)

Winner: Magrama

4. Best river delta organisation

Nominees: Agencia Catalana del Agua (1) , C.H. del Ebro (2) , C.H. del Guadalquivir (3) , C.H. del Segura (4), C.H. del Tajo (5)

Winner: C.H. del Guadalquivir

5. Best association
Nominees: Adecagua (1), AEAS (2), Aqua Espana (3), Fenacore (4), OCU (5)

Winner: AEAS

6. Best research center
Nominees: CETAgua (1), CIEMAT (2), CSIC (3), Fundacion CENTA (4), IMTA (5)

Winner: IMTA

7. Best Foundationn
Nominees: Avina (1), Fundación Aquae (2), Fundacion Botin (3), FNCA (4), Fundacion We Are Water (5)

Winner: Fundación Aquae (2)

8. Best NGO
Nominees: Ecologistas en Accion (1), Facua (2), Rios con Vida (3), SEO/Birdlife (4) and WWF (5)

Winner: WWF España

9. Best International Organisation

Nominees: Banco Mundial (1), Comision Europea (2), El agua fuente de vida 2005-2015 (3), FAO (4), ONU (5)

Winner: El agua fuente de vida 2005-2015

10. Best University
Nominees: Universitat de Barcelona (1), Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2), UNAM (3), UPM (4), Universidad de Valladolid (5)


11. Best Blog
Nominees: Andres Martinez (1), Beatriz Pradillo (2), Jorge Chamorro (3), Lorenzo Correa (4), Luis Martín Martínez (5)

Winner: Jorge Chamorro

12. Best Post of the Year

Nominees: Adrian Baltanas (1), Beatriz Pradillo (2), Jordi Oliveras (3), Lluís Sala (4), Fernando Follos (5).

Winner: Jordi Oliveras

13. Most viral content
Nominees: Avina (1), Conagua (2), FAO (3), We are water (4), UPM (5)

Winner: We are water

14. Best Video
Nominees: Acciona Agua (1), Aqualogy (2), FCC Aqualia (3), Fundacion Aquae (4), Suez environnement (5)

Winner: Acciona

15. Best report
Nominees: Aqualogy (1), FCC Aqualia (2), Fundación CENTA (3), Labaqua (4), Tedagua (5)


16. Best Presentation

Nominees: Alberto Gonzaléz (1), Fernando del Amo (2), Juan Antonio Imbernón (3), Pedro Ruiz (4), Raúl Fernández (5)

Winner: Fernando del Amo

17. Best Shopwindow
Nominees: Aidico (1), Biótica (2), Brenntag (3), Grupo Acuster (4), Sofrel (5)

Winner: Biótica

More information: www.iagua.es

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