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All about Career Development in Water Management

Global Water Jobs is a multidisciplinary job board and information hub that brings together all the professional and academic backgrounds involved in water management on a global scale.

Collective decision-making, resulting from the application of integrated water management, has lead professionals to develop expertise and skills in a wide range of areas. However, the employment market in the water sector is still clustered by specialty or disciplines. Global Water Jobs gathers all the professional and academic backgrounds into the same source embracing the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral nature of water management.

Employment services consist in a job board, a CD database and specialised recruitment services. Employers are drawn from government agencies, NGOs, development organisations, consultancy firms, utilities, universities, and research institutes.

In addition to job opportunities, the website provides other useful information for career development such as a directory of education programmes, scholarships, and a calendar to stay informed of all conferences, workshops and events in the water sector worldwide.

We are interested in contacting sector stakeholders in Europe, and assist them in identifying and hiring adequate staff and consultants for their projects in water management.

Global Water Jobs

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