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Mary Dhonau: From victim to First Lady of Flooding in the UK

After being flooded herself many times Mary Dhonau soon realized there was very little help or advice available for those who were newly flooded about how they could recover and then plan, prepare for and protect themselves against being flooded. So she set about doing it herself! Over the years she became a national celebrity and she is of great importance for the awareness of flooding in the UK. More European member States need a pioneer like Mary Dhonau. The first lady of flooding is telling about her work on Water News Europe.

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BRUSSELS - In the new team that EC-president Jean-Claude Juncker a number of portfolios have been reshaped. Jean-Claude Juncker has formed a Commission mainly consisting of professional politicians. On water the main politicians are new.

Karmenu Vella

Karmenu Vella
The Environment and Maritime Affairs and Fisheries portfolios have been combined under Karmenu Vella (64) to reflect the twin logic of 'Blue' and 'Green' Growth.
Commissioner Vella is a Malthese politician, member of the Labour party. Although educated in tourism, Vella is a professional politician for years now. More information on Vella.

Miguel Arias Cañete
The same logic has been applied in deciding to establish one Commissioner in charge of both Climate Action and Energy policy. Juncker has placed them under Spanish politician Miguel Arias Cañete (64). Cañete is a member of the 'People's party', and has been in politics for a long time.

Switzerland: Professor Andreas Fath tests water quality during Rhine swim

Last Monday the German professor Andreas Fath started swimming the Rhine from source to estuary. In August he will swim the total length of the Rhine (1230 kilometers) and during his trip he will take water samples that will be analyzed by European water technology institutes for inter alia industrial chemicals, hormones, drugs, microplastics.

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