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Europe: Atlantic soon to become important source of energy

Tidal and wave conversion systems are expected to contribute substantially to the European energy system in the short to medium term, due to both local availability of the resources and advanced technological status. Current projections of the European Joint Research Centre foresee about 40 MW of tidal and 25 MW of wave energy capacity being installed by 2018.

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Measuring nanoparticles improves water pollution tests

LGC, an international life sciences measurement and testing company based in the United Kingdom, recently launched water test materials to measure toxic water pollutants at nanogram-per litre levels. Three types of ready-to-use water test materials were successfully developed. These materials can contribute to the European-wide battle to improve water quality.

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Mixing sea and freshwater has become a business opportunity

Capmix workshop at Wetsus in the Netherlands. Source: Wetsus

Salinity Gradient Energy creates economic opportunities for areas where rivers flow into the sea. Technologies for generating electrical energy from ‘just’ mixing sea and river water is the ultimate blue answer to sustainable energy. In Italy (Milano), Spain (Granada) and several places...
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Netherlands: Reverse osmosis goes underground

DELFT - Reverse osmosis (RO) is a well-known technique for producing clean drinking water and is used for desalination as well. Therefore normally groundwater is brought up to the surface and then treated in a nearby plant. Why not save the trouble of building a treatment plant and save money and energy as well?
The Dutch water treatment company Logisticon Water Treatment created together with partners the PURO-concept for a compact RO in the underground.

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