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Press Release: SIDE Industrie launches auto-adaptive DIP28

The DIP Systeme® has been in existence for over 16 years and represents over 2000 installations all over the world. This year again, on the top of the launch of the innovative DIP Booster (the gravity line accelerator and flood protection system), SIDE Industrie is expanding the development...
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Hydrosense: Rapid On-site Legionella Testing for Europe

Monitor Your Water System for Levels of Legionella Considered Dangerous by the European Guidelines.  Last month Hydrosense launched the very first rapid on-site test kit range for levels of Legionella considered dangerous by European regulation. It is the only test in the world that can provide immediate results...
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British Water launches innovation search engine

- BWinnovate matches utility needs and supply chain solutions - Detailed searches help identify most appropriate technologies - Portal is open to the worldwide web and includes video and images An innovation search engine that can help match utilities, industrial users and contractors with the water technologies they need has been launched by British Water. BWinnovate complements the...
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