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‘Water is key’ states UN-report on climate change

The World Water Development Report ‘Water and Climate Change’ published on World Water Day concentrates on the opportunities of improved water management. According to the UN combining climate change adaptation and mitigation, through water, is a win-win proposal. It will improve the provision of water supply and sanitation services and combat both the...

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Invest your time in quarantine in education

Due to the coronavirus lots of water professionals stay at home in quarantine. Many projects are on hold so maybe there is time left to invest in education. Many universities and research institutes are offering online educational programmes. This might be the perfect time to improve your skills or explore new and challenging...

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European drinking water suppliers call for extra protection rivers

River Rhine. Photo: Water News Europe

On World Water Day a European Coalition of Drinking Water Suppliers adopted a European River Memorandum (ERM). The suppliers call for transparency in discharges, strict entry requirements for chemicals and the implementation of the polluter pays principle. In the Memorandum they set out minimum quality standards...

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How to treat the coronavirus in the water cycle?

The coronavirus can be removed effectively. Photo: Pixabay.

As the corona virus is spreading around the globe water treatment professionals need to know how this virus behaves in drinking water and wastewater systems. Are water treatment filtration and disinfection processes sufficient for coronavirus removal and inactivation? According to...

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